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Pimsa Poliuretan was established in July 29, 1975 by a group of friends graduated from Robert College. One of the first companies to manufacture polyurethane part for Turkish Automobile Industry, Pimsa Poliuretan moved to Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone in 1985. In 2011, the title of the company was changed to Pimsa Otomotiv A.S. and moved to the current modern facilities at TOSB Organized Industrial Zone.

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Our Sustainability Approach;

Polymers are one of the most important engineering materials in today's world. Development and progress cannot be mentioned without plastics, which have a wide range of products from building insulation materials to vehicle parts, from kitchen materials to medical products. However, in addition to all these advantages, creating environmental awareness and minimizing the damage of plastic waste to the environment is our greatest responsibility towards nature and future generations as humanity. For this reason, the production of plastic products using biological origin raw materials or the re-evaluation of the wastes are of great importance in ensuring sustainable development. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals should be prioritized in new projects in order to meet the high consumer demand in a sustainable way.

Polyurethane, which is one of the engineering plastics that plays an important role in developing technology, changing needs and consumption-based progress, is a comprehensive polymer that has found its place in many different industrial areas at the global level. New projects are being implemented in our company both to promote the concepts of responsible production and consumption and to significantly reduce environmental impacts. Thus, we make the concepts of green industry and circular economy an indispensable part of our way of doing business. The production of bio-based polyol-based polyurethane parts is an initial goal to fulfill our environmental responsibilities. In addition for the purpose of contributing to the green economy, various studies continue without slowing down in order to recycle waste polyurethane products chemically and use them as an inputs in different sectors.